Our Story

Here at Ima we specialise in the cuisine of the sun. From Yael’s hometown of Haifa, comes the influence of the local Palestinian and Jewish restaurants, the fresh produce of the market-place as well as her mother and grandmother’s passion for collecting recipes.

From her home to yours we bring the benefits of an authentic and quintessential Mediterranean diet; largely plant-based in proportion to meat and protein, enriched with pulses, fresh herbs, nuts, legumes and raw oils. The food at Ima comes from a tradition famous for sustaining health and longevity.

All of our food is made fresh from scratch; daily and onsite. This includes our bread, pastries, cured meats and fish. All of our produce is local, sustainable and ethically sourced; our vegetables are bought from the Avondale and Wellesley markets, which we visit each once a week. We also compost all of our organic waste. At Ima our goal is to share the love of food which is so central to our culture; elevating good food not only to celebrations and ritual, but to the everyday. We love what we do and we love our customers.

Come in and we will take care of you.